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If you are a landlord or property manager, perhaps the most financially and emotional stressful aspect of the business is when you have to ask a tenant to leave the premises. Most often, landlords have grounds to evict tenants when the tenant does not pay rent. However, there are other instances in which landlords may want to institute eviction proceedings even if the tenants are current on rent. For example, a tenant may be current on rents, but may be habitually late in paying that rent. Or, a tenant may consistently practice an offensive behavior, such as illegal activity or making too much noise. This is particularly the case with multi-unit residential properties, when one of your tenants may impact the living situation of your other tenants.

In any case, The Alberto Brothers Law Firm has filed countless numbers of evictions for a variety of reasons.  We can help landlords and property management institute proper systems for eviction, which is part and parcel of your overall collections operations. Furthermore, we will advise you to comply with the federal debt collection practices act (FDCPA), as residential tenants are regarded as “consumer debtors” under federal law.  The FDCPA provides for penalties and attorneys fees to the tenant if the letter of the act is not followed.

The greatest leverage a landlord / property manager has over a tenant to encourage compliance with the terms of the lease, whether they be financial or other terms, is to threaten to oust that tenant from the property.  While the eviction process gets a bad reputation for it threatens to dislocate a tenant, evictions to reinforce fair and just dealings amongst landlord and tenant.

If you need to institute eviction proceedings in New Jersey against your tenant, please do not hesitate to call The Alberto Brothers Law Firm at 732-200-0779.