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Landlords / Property Managers

The real estate lawyers at Alberto Brothers understand the needs of landlords because we have been landlords ourselves and in the direct operations of property management companies in which we have a personal stake and interest. Because of this, our real estate attorneys bring the pride, professionalism, practicality, and assertiveness to this area of our practice, qualities which are typical and common in landlords. We understand you are operating a business in which that you wish to limit your liability, and wish to maintain relationships with the tenants that are upholding the agreed-upon terms of the lease.

Furthermore, we understand that it is in your best interest that you use legal enforcement of those lease terms to create a culture of professionalism and discipline amidst the buildings, properties, and grounds that your tenants occupy for business or residential purposes. Because we appreciate that the business and law of real estate are truly married, we are happy to share our thoughts and opinions about property management, as these opinions and passions drive our legal counsel to you.

Please call 732-200-0779 if you as a landlord or property management require legal assistance for your real estate matters.