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Zoning And Land Use

You might not realize it, but zoning and land-use laws (“Zoning Laws”) have a tremendous impact on our world.  Zoning laws are local laws (usually called “ordinances”) that state what “land-uses” may go in what locations. For instance, zoning laws result in residential areas being grouped together, or dance business uses or industrial areas being set off from those residential areas.

Zoning will also impact the size and shape of real estate, including how big a lot must be, how tall buildings may be, and how far improvements on the lot must be set back from the boundaries of the property.

From time to time, you as a land owner may want to do something that is not permitted by the zoning laws, but is reasonable in your situation. Or, you may be a real estate investor who wishes to purchase a big lot, subdivide that lot into two smaller lots and build a house on each newly divided lot.  Or you may wish to buy a very large parcel of land, and develop either an office building or shopping mall.

In all of these instances you will require an attorney who is familiar with how to bring a planning and zoning board development application before the municipality that regulates your property. The Alberto Brothers Law Firm is experienced in the procedures to bring zoning and development applications from start to finish, while managing and quarterbacking a team of planners, surveyors, engineers, and architects.  You will find that the application process is very much a local affair, and depending on the town, you may be met with great opposition by neighbors who feel negatively impacted by your proposed project. In these instances you will need an experienced zoning and land-use lawyer to help you navigate and strategize the development application and process.

Please call 732-200-0779 to speak with The Alberto Brothers Law Firm (zoning, planning, and land use lawyers) if you have any questions or propose plans to develop property and you need an attorney who can guide you through the process. The Alberto Brothers Law Firm looks forward to working with you.