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Tax Appeals

A tax appeal is the process by which a property owner challenges the town to reduce the “assessed value” of their home or real property because it is no longer congruent with the “fair market value” of their property.

If a tax appeal application is successful, the assessed value of the home will be reduced to the fair market value of the property, which lowers the property taxes due to the Township.

Townships do not physically inspect and evaluate property values every year to ensure accuracy of their tax assessments. Rather, townships will evaluate all properties, perhaps every 10 years or longer, because the valuation process is time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, the tax assessments are adjusted through mathematical formulas so as to approximate fair market value of the property every year. So, in a “down market”, particularly when the last physical valuation by the Township of properties in town occurred when the real estate market was high, the prospects of significantly lowering your property taxes through tax appeals are very good.

Because of this, it is important to always monitor your property taxes and tax assessment. Oftentimes, property taxes can be overlooked because most home owners pay their property taxes through their mortgage lenders escrow account.   So, many homeowners may never even see the property tax bill that they are paying and how it may relate to the current value of their home.

If you believe your property taxes and assessed value are too high relative to the current fair market value of your property, please call The Alberto Brothers Law Firm Real Estate Lawyers at 732-200-0779 to start your property tax appeal application today.  Our pricing policies on these types of cases, is that The Alberto Brothers Law Firm only gets paid if you win your tax appeal. Typically, we will charge a percentage of the first years tax savings.

Please call 732-200-0779 for more details about how to get started.